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In my humble opinion there are two types of teachers- one who has stopped learning and one who is still learning. The former pretends to teach but actually dish out some stereotyped notes and anecdotes. The latter sets out on a journey with his/her students to explore the beautiful and romantic world of knowledge. For the second category of teacher learning is a journey together. My young friend Srinath Sirkar belongs to the second category. You will find an endless number of books on English Grammar. Why, then, somebody should want to add to that myriad list? I asked Shri the same question and he handed me the mass. as an answer. I began to read it rather reluctantly. There is a mushrooming of Grammar books available in the market. What is unique in Shrinath’s book? As I flipped through the printed pages I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was definitely a different type of book. To me it is not a comprehensive Grammar book as such. It has been planned and written for a particular group of people to whom the application part is more important than the rudimentary and theoretical rules of Grammar. The author is a practicing teacher and therefore he knows what the students need. A lot of research and planning has been gone through before Shri Sirkar decided to finally bring out a book on how to self-learn the English Language. From this practical perspective this book will be of great help to the students who have already been initiated to the nuances and intricacies of English Language. I have no doubt,whatsoever, in my mind that I propose to buy a copy of the book for my personal use.


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