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Meet The Author

I have great pleasure in presenting this first edition on Ethical Hacking book for the students of Computer Science and Engineering. It comprehensively covers all the topics relevant to the subject.

The study of Ethical Hacking is very important for all students who would like to start their professional career in Cyber Security. It is very important to have strong foundation of the subject. In view of this, the subject matter has been explained in a very simple language and in clear concise form, which will help students to have clear-cut understanding of the subject.

Our ultimate aim is to make subject interesting and remove the fear and boredom from minds of the students. Although every care has been taken to check mistakes and misprints yet it is difficult to acclaim perfection. Any errors, omissions and suggestions for the improvement for this, brought to my notice, will be thankfully acknowledged and incorporated in next edition.

We are aware that book can be further improved. Therefore constructive criticism and suggestions are most welcome for improvement of the book. I thankfully welcome suggestion from students and teachers for its improvement.

And finally I would like to advice students, don’t implement any hacking exercises which are Illegal. As much as possible try to implement this exercises in the tools which are available for testing these exercises only. Remember if found implementing any hacking exercise which is illegal and not authorized to implement leads to punishable offense.

Happy Learning!!



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