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Environment belongs to us and to our future generations, so does the environmental sciences / studies. This subject should be matter of concern for all of us, as we all affect the environment in one way or the other. Chemistry can help in understanding, monitoring, protecting and improving the environment around us. Reckless exploitation of nature and criminal pollution of the environment has led us to a situation in which we have nothing to offer as legacy to our future generations but polluted drinking water, nuclear contaminated land, and a stockpile of destructive technologies.

Thus, it is duty of all of us to be aware of the critical importance of a healthy environment. I have tried to present a concise book strictly as per the requirement of environmental chemistry/ studies/ science students.

I thank publishers for their worthy contribution towards the presentation of this book.

Although efforts have been made to make this book as comprehensive as possible, yet suggestions for any improvement in the book are most welcome.


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