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Meet The Author

We have put a lot of effort to this book to bring out content in a regular manner that contributes to Engineering science and Technology. It was written for engineering students that provide fruitful knowledge about chemistry, which is very essential to become a successive engineer in society. This book has been written in simple language with depth explanations. We have included neat diagrams, mathematical equations and numerical problems wherever required. For instance, this textbook provides an imperative opportunity for students to learn basic concepts of chemistry and involves a number of advanced concepts, which are added to enhance their knowledge.

This book has been organized to meet the syllabus requirements of almost all engineering colleges across Karnataka and India. Topics included in the book are projected in a simple and illustrative manner.

All modules (units) are provided with highly descriptive and well-labeled figures.

We will accept your suggestions, opinions and constructive thoughts about this book and assure that could be meaningfully incorporated in the revision of the book.



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