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Meet The Author

We have great pleasure in presenting the book ‘Elements of Banking’, which is intended for students of Commerce. This text book provides and exciting picture of rapidly place and value of Banking. This book provides students and practitioners the framework and knowledge with which they could take more effective investment decisions.

It has been written in a simple and lucid manner. An effort has been made to enhance clarity about the concepts in banking through tree diagrams and appropriate explanations. Banking sectors are fast evolving and witnessing a transformational change. Banks are the backbone of all activities, because very transaction where money is involved, the bank is the main character.

This book is an attempt to offer to students a fundamental tool which will enhance their understanding of banking business. The book is intended to serve as a standard reading. Care is taken to ensure that the students can rely to a large extent on this book. We hope that the book will be of great help to the students.



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