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The role of science is to discover the laws of nature, while the role of engineering and technology is to invent methods to apply these laws to serve human needs. The development of science began at a rapid pace in the 19th century, and it continues unabated to this day. Measurement plays an important role in the context of the progressive metamorphosis of science and technology. The subject of measurement is crucial to advancements in the field of electronics. It is interesting to note that time, as a parameter first attempted to be measured by primitive races, is the most accurate that can be studied by contemporary technology. This textbook has been written against a backdrop of the imperative need to closely examine the science of measurement vis-à-vis its emergence as a discipline indispensable to the study of electronics and related fields. Though a number of textbooks have been written on the topic, a need was felt to address the typical difficulties faced by the student in learning the subject and to clearly explain the subtle points and principles involved. Written in a user friendly manner, the book engages both the student and the teacher with its lucid style and focused pedagogical features that include summary, points to remember, objective-type questions, review questions, and unsolved problems. The subject has been discussed with the undergraduate student in mind, and all topics generally covered at the undergraduate level are examined in this book. The reader is acquainted with specifications, parameters, and the typical values obtained during usage of the different types of instruments. The subject can be understood well when related numerical problems are solved. To this end, a number of problems are worked out in all chapters. The textbook will be useful to students appearing for competitive examinations as well, since it includes the topics covered in a number of universities. It would also be beneficial to students of AMIETE, AMIE, M.Sc. (Electronics), and all programmes that include electronic measurements and instrumentation as a subject of study. Suggestions and feedback to improve this book are welcome.










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