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Entrepreneurial growth is what gives a country’s economic life. They result in the creation of brand-new goods and services, innovative uses for already existing goods and services, and novel business models. The current economic system is shaken up by entrepreneurship, which also removes any dead branches. Established businesses that don’t evolve with the times lose their ability to compete in the market and shutdown.

In the broadest sense, entrepreneurs may be found in any industry of business since all company, no matter how big or little, needs some degree of entrepreneurial spirit in order to thrive. Starting and expanding independent new companies are the main topics of this book. It is based on entrepreneurship courses offered at universities and colleges all over the world.

Can entrepreneurship be taught? Is one of the most frequently asked questions of entrepreneurship instructors? Our response is that taking a course on how to launch and expand a new business can help anyone who aspires to become an entrepreneur succeeds. Since 1985, almost 30% of college students who took the new ventures course have eventually gone on to launch full-time firms. Many people have launched multiple ones.

This book is not just for aspiring entrepreneurs; even though it gives them the tools they need to launch and expand their businesses. Any pupil who reads this book will get knowledge of the entrepreneurial process and its significance to the economy.




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