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Meet The Author

The authors feel immense pleasure and great satisfaction in releasing this text book on Economic Zoology. This text book has been designed for Undergraduate students, who choose Zoology as compulsory open elective course under NEP scheme in their first semester. This book has been prepared as per the NEP syllabus proposed by the Bangalore University and is being followed by affiliated colleges. The book contains only theory components as designed to bring about an understanding of general concepts and basic applied science of Economic Zoology. Human beings have been looking towards other living animals to use as food and for other agricultural purposes. Many are very useful to mankind such as some mammals, birds, fishes, prawns and insects in the modern era of technology and are gaining great economic importance. Some have a very good status in small scale industries which suit the aim of our nation to raise the socio-economic status by fully utilizing the man power. So the study of the economy of animals would be much rewarding for mankind. Keeping in view the national interest and also for encouraging young students to take up small scale industries as a career, National Education Policy(NEP) has included a course of ‘’Economic Zoology’’ in the syllabus of Zoology. It is felt that there is need of a good comprehensive book which could provide sufficient information on the topics prescribed. In the present venture an attempt has been made to put all available information from different sources on useful animals as a precise account in the form of a book. The book is written in a lucid style with simple precise language, theoretical discussions and colored illustrations as far as possible; the tables for easy understanding of the subject. Authors have made every effort to avoid any mistake or omission. They have used all skills, expertise and knowledge to the best of their capacity to provide accurate and updated information. Notwithstanding, some unwanted mistakes may crop up. Mistakes noticed by the readers along with their suggestions if any, may kindly be brought to the notice of authors for the improvement of next edition. The publishers shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions of the information contained in this text book. Further, the appearance of the personal name, location, place and incidence, if any, in the illustrations used herein is purely a coincidental and work of imagination. Thus, the same should in no manner be termed as defamatory to any individual. Authors are grateful to many friends of Maharani Cluster University, Bangalore & The Oxford Degree College for Sciences and Management, Bangalore University, Bangalore for the manifold help received. The authors wish to express a cordial gratefulness to Dr. Meera B K, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, Maharani’s Science College for Women, Maharani Cluster University, Bangalore for inspiring the authors continuously all through the writing of this book. A special mention of gratitude to Professor Dr. D E Gangadhar Rao, Principal, GFGCW, Kolar, Karnataka for pre-editing this text book. The authors express their sincere thanks to Management and Editorial Team of IIP Publishers for their stipulated encouragement in bringing out this text book. The authors dedicate this book to the readers who are the lovers of Economic Zoology.


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