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Meet The Author

This book of botany is intended to introduce to students to the basic concepts of the knowledge of the botanical science. Its purpose is not only to describe the phenomenon of plant life which is already accurately known but also to indicate those basic terms and concepts which come across to common student.

While teaching botany to degree students, I realize that some of the students need to know very small and basic concepts of the subject, so this is an exercise to provide a book with all basic concepts of botany. Along with degree students this book is useful for post graduate students of botany and life sciences, researchers and new teachers from the same field. The concepts included in book are also very much useful for the students which are preparing for various competitive examinations.

Morphology and Taxonomy of Angiosperms have number of key points, while identifying / studying any plant one should know all. Concern basic concepts about plant morphology get included in book. Concepts regarding Algae, Lichens, Bacteria, Viruses and Mycoplasma plays important role while studying botany is also elaborated very well in the present text. Basic knowledge of Cryptogamic botany, that is Bryophyta and Pteridophyta are also focused well. Gymnospermic words explained on simple ground for the purpose to understand. Fungi and Plant pathology have its own terminology, explain in simple form. Concepts of Cell biology, Genetics and Plant Physiology get elaborated with modern scientific aspects.

The purpose of the book is to fulfill the long felt need of botany students at the graduate level. It is written in most simple and lucid language to understand subject easily. On this plan I have tried to write such a book as I believe would have been most useful to me which I was a beginner.

No claim is made to originality in the preparation of this book. It is simply a contribution work done in a manner so as to meet the needs of the students of botany of the Indian Universities.


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