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Meet The Author

It’s a privilege to bring before you, the first edition of the book “Computer Networks”. This book on ‘Computer Networks’ has been written for under-graduate students of Computer Science and Information Technology belonging Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and other Indian universities. It will also be useful to candidates appearing for AMIE, GATE, IETE, UPSC Engineering services.

This book is an effort to encapsulate the basic concepts and introduce the readers to the fundamentals of Computer Networks. The Book has been written keeping the young engineering students in mind; Language of the book has been kept simple and efforts has been made to avoid using technical jargons for better grasp and understanding of the readers. To explain the concepts, examples and flowcharts have been drawn to make it more understandable to the students. In this book, we will explore the principles and technologies that enable devices and systems to communicate and exchange data across different networks. We will delve into topics such as network architectures, protocols, security, and management, and examine how these components interact to form a cohesive system.

With improved means of communication and new breakthroughs in technology, this book has been designed so that it be useful not only to students pursuing courses in Computer Science engineering and Information Technology but also for practicing engineers and technicians. We hope that this book will not only give you a solid foundation in Computer Networking but also inspire you to further explore this fascinating field. So, without further ado, let us embark on this journey together and explore the intricacies of Computer Networks.

The book has been structured to introduce the readers to the concepts step by step without rushing through them for better understanding and retentivity of the concepts. Accordingly, the book has been divided into four units starting from basic concepts to delving into finer details of each concept of Computer Networks:

Unit-I Introduction: This is the introductory chapter to introduce the readers to the basic definitions, principles, concepts and evolution of Computer Networks. The chapter brings forth the Reference Models along with The Transmission Media concepts. These concepts and processes discussed in brief in this chapter have been discussed in detail in subsequent chapters.

Unit-II the Data Link Layer: This chapter introduces the reader about the data link layer design issues. After providing details of the issues, reader is presented with Error detection and Correction Techniques. The Channel Allocation problem along with multiple access protocols with IEEE standards 802.3 and 802.11 for LANs and WLANs.

Unit-III Transmission Networks: This chapter describes the various types of Transmission Networks used along with the network layer design issues. The reader is presented with various algorithms and the concept of IPv4 and IPv6 packets. The Delay Models used in data networks various systems are also explained in brief.

Unit-IV Transport Layer: Transport layer services is an important concept of Computer Networking process. Therefore, this chapter introduces the readers to Transport layer services and Elements of transport protocols. The reader is also presented with the overview of UDP and TCP.


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