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Despite the many changes in Chhattisgarh, Bastar has also attracted the world. Due to its indigenous tribal culture. It has been the last shelter for tribal life style. In many parts of India, Bastar is seen as a wonder. Media also presents it several times in style in the vogue, but truth. Bastar is a majesty of many Surdas experts. In his own way, it is exploring. They look outside from outside, and they do the same. There are some scholars who have seen Bastar very
closely. They have travelled their journey to its end, and they have installed.
In their creation, Bastar is in harmony with nature. Lala Jagdalpuri has written in his writing about tribal culture and dialects is authentic. The histories of Bastar and the Tribal Asmiat Pardon Hiralal Shukla has written a lot, and he is still writing. Kanker’s Prof. Warlaini has also written the history of Bastar.
Formerly, the warrior Alvin of Bastar also inculcated the tribal lifestyle.The writings on the myths of cultural, festival, and folk literature enchanted even today. Warrior Alvin wrote the benchmark for the tribal Bastar. In the writings of Alvin, the aboriginals of Bastar deserve more than the expectations. That is, Rumen is now disintegrated by the expansion of Naxalite insurgency in
Bastar Alvin, who wrote extremely poetic writing Ghotul, the compelling ancient institution that Bastar was, is now almost finished.
Ghotul used to be the very lively centre of the rites and education initiation of Tribal’s Warrior Alvin considered him the most dynamic university of Tribal Children. The ease with
which they conduct song, music, and crafts The education given there was amazing. The scattering of knots was also known for the tribal cultural traditions of Bastar. In the last four to five decades, the centre of government education in Bastar has become. But it is not able
to fill due to the dissolution of Ghotul. There are many instances of the change in life in Bastar and the change in wild culture there. After the independence of the Kaktory Dynasty
of Bastar, the British rule and The Congress government made many attempts to subdue it. After, since independence, Bastar has been accustomed to the development of politics on the
natural wealth, the bureaucracy, and the conduct of the contractors, was also made to work on it. The forest wealth of Bastar was destroyed by ruthlessness. To protect its forests, oppressed tribals were tortured. The state and central governments, and with the help
of King Praveen Chand Bhanj Dev, in the centre of the Tribals gave the complete indigenous treatment to Praveen Chandra Bhaja Dev and hanged in his screws. King Praveen Chandra
Bhanj Dev, the Britisher of Britain, has seen the traditions. Similarly, they were doing it in India, even in democracy. He used to take Iron as the princess of the interests of tribals.
Their culmination was on 25 March 1966, in the form of a brutal murder in a palace located in Jagdalpur. It was given in the name of police action against the armed Tribal’s. The description of the character of politics is expounded by the king.
Praveen Chandra Bhanj Dev, in his autobiography, and the tribal god. This book also puts the background in front of them, in which the conspiracy to kill them. In this book, the faces of those villains are exposed, who were anxious to remove them from the scene. This assaaination of independent India has sown the seeds of the disease in Bastar, which culminated today in a boom in the Naxalite insurgency and is getting bogged down. The background of the Praveen
Chandra Bhanj Dev massacre of 25 March, 1966, and an authentic statement of Bastar’s bloodletting. The story of Gunpattbal saw Bilaspuri is found in the history of Bastar. Savji gets that bloody history. Savour was a witness to the bloody developments. He had been the secretary of Veerchandara Bhanj Dev. The vivid description of that a heinous massacre is also found in Doli Tiwari’s book, Deonli, published in 2004.
A number of politicians, including Mr. Moraji Desai and Acharya Jagataram Bhagatram Kripalani and Dr. Ram Manhor Lohia also gave many important facts about that political massacre inside and outside parliament. One fact is that even Praveer Chandra Bhanj Dev, a senior officer
involved in the planned a conspiracy to change the religion of the Tribes of Bastar played a large role in the murder. Because the plan of conversion of tribals by Bhanj Dev could not have
been fulfilled.
This conspiracy, and Mr.Bhanjdeo made a clear point in his autobiography, Dr.Ram Manhor Lodia in the speech given in the Lok Sabha It’s yet to be given an authentic description
of that massacre. This liking is not the subject of this role. It is notable to write on the circling cycle and its transit from Bastar. The scholars are doing this work in their own way. In order to write on the current Bastar, it is necessary to know the information which is being forgotten with great speed.
Bastar Bhushan is a book that is written by Pandit Kedarnath. It can be very useful to know this Pt. Shri Kedarnath Thakur remains in the form of a forest ranger in Bastar. They saw Bastar very closely. He was a devoted follower of Bastar’s soul. Therefore, Bastar Bhushan is useful for subscribers and writers who want to present the various aspects of Bastar to different groups in front of a broad group. The book by Mr. Thakur was published in 1908 as Bastar Bhushan. It was
reprinted in 1982 by the efforts of scholar-historian Dr. Ramandranath Mishra.
According to Dr. Mishra, Bastar-Bhushan was the first book that was written on Bastar. Bastar Bhushan of Pt. Kedarnath Thakur, with a brief history of Bastar principality of a century ago, with its brief history, there is a natural wealth of Tribal culture, Folk Literature, Tribal Faith, Bastar Fodder, Wildlife, Kati Patang (Kite), Food, Caste, Language Dialect, Festival, Myth,
Customs, Traditions, great places etc. Very few of that time – got compounded shattered in the
transformation cycle, and got hurt by the dilemma of the so – called urban civilization. Still, there are some Traditions and Beliefs that exist in slightly, modified form even today. Bastar
– Bhushan is the oldest history of Bastar a captivating word picture of a century old man.
This book is divided into three sections, which is an important document in itself. This is a window from which you can interview the Bastar’s past.


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