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Today, the responsibility of raising children may seem tedious and an endless effort, coupled with an overwhelming need for parents to know whether they are doing a good job or not. Good parenting is a relatively new phenomenon that has emerged with an explosion of information and advice on how to do it right. So, what about thirty years or fifty years ago? Did they do it right? Was it this difficult?

Through the past couple of decades, there has been a lot of research and talk on holistic child growth and development that includes physical, mental, and spiritual as well as the social and intellectual. Parents often oscillate between ‘ruling with the iron fist’ or lacking clear leadership and giving in to a child’s demand, for the sake of ‘respect’. However, both approaches are wrong and a balance has to be obtained. Children are not born with the ability to discern right from wrong and thus, they need a leader to look up to, to imitate and to guide them and yet, not one who dictates their every move. Leaders in every role of life aspire to inspire and when a parent takes that role and acts in a firm and friendly way, children learn more about their social environment, how to operate in a given situation, take responsibility for their actions without expecting a special treatment, and learn to be respectful. More importantly, set an example. This achieves a holistic development of a child, and as the child grows, the challenges change and thinking evolves, but the approach remains consistent- firm and loving. As you move through the story, you will be able to pick up the skills to be inculcated in children as they grow into adults, how quality time can be spent and the games can be re-invented to be played together. This journey is about learning


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