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Meet The Author

It is with great pleasure and pride; we introduce ‘Sanatan Bharat’ which means the one who always seeks to gain enlightenment that is eternal. Sanatan means eternal or timeless which does not have a beginning or end. Bharat is the ancient name of India which originates from the Sanskrit word. The term ‘Bha’ (भाः)  means light and ‘Rat’ (रतः) means someone who has devoted his life to gain the light. Light means enlightenment. Sanatan Bharat is a non-profitable, non-political, secular and literary body who pledge to gain light to empower ourselves and others in the eternal journey of literary publications. This anthology being its first child, it aims to spread its wings to acquire knowledge to remove darkness. Sanatan Bharat takes pride in presenting this anthology of patriotic poems before our readers. The title of the book, Diamond India-Unheard Songs Of Obscure Heroes, speaks about the obscure heroes of Indian freedom fights. All the freedom fighters made a tryst with destiny. Though the movements were initiated by a leader, many Indians also sacrificed their life for the great dream. But these freedom fighters’ names disappeared in the pages of History. Only some of them got the spotlight while many others remained in the dark. For those who fought equally hard but never got any recognition, our ‘Sanatan Bharat’ feels the responsibility of bringing to light their valiant stories and appreciate their sacrifices. ‘They should not remain obscure heroes’ is the dictum of Sanatan Bharat. Thus the anthology aimed at understanding and appreciating the work of those freedom fighters who were either forgotten or ignored. Perceiving the freedom struggle from a different angle and celebrating many valuable triumphs has become the motto of the anthology. On the occasion of the 75th year of Independence Day of India or Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, we intend to acknowledge the inordinate work and pay our tribute to those who sacrificed their lives without thinking about their personal gains.

Diamond India-Unheard Songs of Obscure Heroes has tried to enrich itself by accommodating renowned poets as well as young poets from diverse academic and non-academic backgrounds. Preference is given to the emotions of writers rather than the style. Most of the poems are written in free verse which is the most favorite style of the present day world. As the purpose of the poems is to appreciate and convey a great message to the society, we tried our best to fulfill it. The selection of the poems is done irrespective of age and experience of poets. In the selection of the poems, we intend to select poems that could touch our heart and emotions. We sincerely hope that Indian patriots will find the anthology valuable, could create passion and raise their love and respect towards their country. To commemorate 75 years of Independence, the anthology houses 75 poets’ creations apart from the Editor. The book contains 127 patriotic poems and poets’ bio with their photographs. Most of the poets are renowned nationally and internationally with a number of books in their credit. But a few are completely novice in the literary field whose virgin attempt is willingly appreciated and acknowledged. By keeping unity in diversity in mind, different poets from various places of India and abroad are welcomed by Sanatan Bharat. It’s our sincere effort to bring a small change in the themes of poems and wish to continue in future with everyone’s support. In the preface, we would like to express our deep gratitude to all the poets and publishers for their kind support to join their hands with us. The trust which all of you have shown in us, we would like to treasure it forever and continue the work in future with the same fervor. We are very much indebted to our publisher, Iterative International Publishers, Karnataka, for keeping their promise and providing quality output. We wish all the poets and readers an enlightening and eternal journey.


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