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In the event that you have reached a turning point in your career where you must make more crucial strategic decisions, our advanced strategy curriculum will equip you to meet the difficulties that lie ahead.

This book provides you with tools and frameworks for establishing a competitive company strategy that will help you succeed in the marketplace. Learn how to leverage your strategic advantage and cause industry disruption by implementing an integrated, long-term business plan that is both profitable and sustainable. Improve your capacity to analyse the market and cost trends in more detail. Discover the financial profiles of various business types and how they compare to one another.

You will get an understanding of what differentiates winning firms in terms of competitive strategy and organisational agility through a carefully structured series of business cases, interactive conversations, presentations, and group exercises.

What causes certain businesses to outperform others? In a fast-paced, highly competitive business climate, the answer to this question might mean the difference between success and failure for an organisation. Generally, successful businesses follow a strategic management strategy that assists them in setting goals and executing on a defined vision. Introducing the fundamental concepts and issues of corporate strategy, this textbook provides an overview of the subject. The writers utilise examples of well-known corporations and people to show the many tactics employed by today’s businesses – as well as the methods by which they go about putting those plans into action. Students will learn how to do a case analysis, measure organisational performance, and conduct both external and internal analyses during their time in the programme. In a nutshell, they will gain an understanding of how businesses operate at the strategic level in order to achieve success. It is meant for a broad spectrum of business students, including those specialising in marketing, management and business administration, as well as those majoring in accounting and finance, real estate, business information technology, hospitality and tourism, and others. An undergraduate business program’s senior capstone course would be a good fit for this topic. It is available for free online in a variety of formats, as well as in reasonably priced print editions.


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