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The book titled “Accessible Tourism” deals with accessible tourism specially meant for differently-abled tourists. This book goes thro¬ugh the facilities that provided to the tourism destinations, barriers faced by the tourists, and policies and challenges required to overcome by the Officials both in the public and private tourism sector. This book is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter deals with concept and relevance of accessible tourism in the modern era. The second chapter is a theoretical one which deals with various relevant contributions made so far in the sphere of accessible tourism. Third chapter deals various tourism concepts, growth pattern of tourism, and the growth of accessible tourism around the world. This chapter also emphasis growth trend of accessible tourism in India. Fourth and fifth chapter deals with the awareness, travel pattern of tourism initiatives in Kerala and barriers faced by the tourist during their travel. Sixth and seventh chapter deals with policy initiatives of Government and major challenges. Last chapter deals with major recommendations of accessible tourism. We hope that a person who has interested in knowing the development of accessible tourism and ways to improve accessible tourism be benefitted from going through the chapters. The recommendation will be useful to tourism researchers and academicians while framing tourism policies.



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