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This book is an aspiring endeavor to integrate and explore the science behind the homoeopathic Materia Medica in research. The drug proving is the epoch-making discovery and designated as evidence-based research of Dr. S. Hahnemann, the father of experimental pharmacology. But that was not addressed by the scientific community; even today, they are not aware of this gigantic work. The medicinal chemistry was effectively implemented in the drug delivery system since the Hahnemannian era and reflected in dynamized homoeopathic medicine during drug proving even in ultra-dilution through its subtle character. But, unfortunately, Dr. Hahnemann was ignored and did not attain any regard in this aspect.

Our masters prove many more homoeopathic drugs, including drugs that originated from the serpentine group, and observed the peculiar striking features of those drugs with their enormous curative ability even in grave diseases which is also narrated in this book. The snake venom chemistry has been addressed in this book (Part- I) and correlates with symptoms of different drugs of Ophidia. The physiological action of snake venom is reflected in the dynamic action of potentized venom in drug proving. The snake venom composition and biological activities related to homoeopathic medicines are also mentioned in the group study. The discussion on characteristics symptoms and comparison with essential ophidian group of drugs may help in the group study of our UG and PG students of Materia Medica. A unique approach has been adopted in the group study of ophidians based on the sphere of action and characteristics modalities of drugs. The symptoms are collected from the “The Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica” (only bold I and II) and mentioned separately in a table with immense value in clinical practice. The 2nd part of this book deals with two important and extended reviews on literature, especially on Japanese Encephalitis virus infection with homeopathic medicines’ effect. Another one on the scope of animal model experimentation in homoeopathy has enormous value to future homeopathy researchers. The discussion, analysis, and reviewed data from different standard research articles and from important homoeopathic literature that are relevant and valid cited in brief in review may also help our PG students for academic purposes. It is believed that the readers of this book are well acquainted with the abbreviated form of words and terms and different symbols used in this book, therefore no chart or table or index for that purpose has been provided in this book. Some important symptoms and required relevant informations were collected from different source book of homoeopathic Materia Medica as well as different standard homoeopathic literature which are also well referenced in bibliography/ reference.

This work is dedicated to sensitizing the students, researchers, and homoeopathic practitioners towards the practical and scientific applicability of the concept of homoeopathic pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacopollaxy. So, this endeavor of redefining the homoeopathic Materia Medica with a possible mode of action (MOA), scientific explanation of symptoms, relationship with other drugs originated from different kingdoms introduced in this book. I hope it will make homoeopathic Materia Medica more acceptable to the modern scientific community. Based on this concept, many more research avenues will be explored in homoeopathy, which helps in integration with different medical systems and researchers of basic science to alleviate the suffering of humanity


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