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Meet The Author

I am very happy to give the most waited first copy of my text Book “Science in my view” to Science Lover I know that science is made for giving comfort and happiness to mankind with the tools of modern technology. I am interested in science since childhood I always ask doubts as I know doubts leads to inquiry and inquiry lead to invention. In the same manner, my research journey begins I start to collect scientific instruments I buy them some get gifted These are like Magnifier glass, telescope, flask, pipet, test tube, calculator, scale, coil, Thermometer, Digital Diary, Sand clock, old cameras, floppy disk, Rubix cube, and operate them at home and understand how they are made? and how it works? My interest in science grows day by day. Interest grows into a hobby, Hobby becomes a passion, and passion results in performance. I research every subject of science like Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Astrophysics, Medical Science, and Zoology, and so on. My subject is computer science. Computer science becomes a basic requirement to research any branch of science. I write all projects without taking any co-author. I try to put my knowledge in science through my 17 projects As usual I go to the root of the problem to explain each multidimensional aspect related to the research matter so far project discussed in this book. There are not much more references as most of the contents are my own. Some projects are hypothesis I doesn’t have proof to say true and other does not have proof to say false Let’s take a time to convert my hypothesis into reality. Scientist Nikola Tesla put a hypothesis like an internet networking wireless communication in past days is now today’s reality. It will be possible only through fast development in science and technology. The project I discussed is logically correct anybody can test it scientifically found true. The suggestions are welcome from science lovers so that I can represent the project better and more exclamatory more answering and satisfying readers.



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