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Meet The Author

This gives us a pleasure to bring out the book “Heavy metal removal” . This book has been written strictly and thoroughly using various removal techniques after proper careful literature survey and given appropriate citation of the work of various researchers.  If we miss the citation of any author(s) in the references, it is only unintentional. The treatment of all topics and techniques given as simple as possible and in some cases proper justification and calculations of various models used in the study. This textbook has been created with the main objective for the researchers working on heavy metal removal and using adsorption as techniques. While encouraging the researchers towards high level of using adsorption techniques, they will be able to apply various kinetic and thermodynamic models for the study. Teachers from graduate and undergraduate institutions and students of higher studies will find this book more attractive for their research as the various formulas and models are given will be used directly with their data.

We thank R&D, UPES for their cooperation in bringing out this book.

We also thankful to the laboratory staff and management team for all the help and support in the publication of this book.

We invite constructive comments for further improvement of this book.


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