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Management education in India gained momentum in the later phases of 60’s and early 70’s. Wherein, the early stages, faculty, concepts, materials and pedagogy were borrowed from the Western collaborators. Soon it was realized that while the basic concepts, tools and techniques of management might be common research had to be done in many areas and contextually relevant teaching materials had to be developed.

The need for contextual relevance of the application of recruitment and selection procedure to make sure a right candidate to be chosen at a right time and at a right place for developing the organization and also contribute towards achieving organization goal is much essential along with the management principles. Any business and industry that also includes newer areas like rural development, non-profit making organization and non-enterprise management. A book on Recruitment and Selection will be very much helpful to understand the procedure and effectiveness of selection of right candidate for the vacant job position in the organization. Further, this book will be helpful for the students of management and even the executives who are in the field of human resources concentrating on recruitment and other procedures of selection.

The motivation for writing this book has come from the lack of contextually relevant and comprehensive book on Recruitment and Selection, where the platform for basic and even  advanced concepts were not properly placed and were available for the students and also for the executives along with faculty members. This thoroughly class tested text book presents fundamentals and important concepts of recruitment and selection, with an emphasis on real life and varied applications to the business world. Though the test is intended primarily for students of management, economics and commerce it can also be used by students of engineering and Social Science and even executives who check for the advance learning on Recruitment and Selection. Our experience has led us to view that a large portion of students need upgraded information related to Recruitment and Selection. Therefore, to make the textbook self-contained we have included all the required Recruitment and Selection concepts in the readings.

Our teaching experience indicates that recruitment and selection need to be taught in stages, each successive stage building upon and reinforcing what was learnt earlier and periodically upgraded has the business develop their models to evaluate the performance of the employees. With this view in mind, we have followed each concept by one or more flow chart representation for each functional area in management. To enhance the understanding of the subject matter by the students belonging to different disciplines, or approach both in recruitment & selection and it’s conceptual and understandable parameters to close the gap of education and industrial needs.


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