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Olericulture is fast emerging and highly competitive industry with the continuous introduction of new varieties and new crops, cultural technique and development of new technologies. This book is written in the hope of providing the scientific knowledge, with the important technologies of olericulture. The present enlarged volume provides as advanced information to the students of both undergraduate and post graduates of Olericulture. The present book also
covers the recent advanced entitles of vegetables viz., roof top gardening, impact of Covid-19 on vegetables, robotic grafting, sensor technologies in vegetable production, artificial intelligence, role of grafting in crop improvement, biodegradable plastics, biofortification, mechanization techniques, transgenic vegetables, parthenocarpic vegetables, breeding in onion varieties, innovations in processing and value addition, marker assisted gene pyramiding, antioxidants sources in vegetables, techniques in protoplast culture and isolation. It is designed in such a way that give rapid, easy access to the core materials in a short format which facilitates easily learning and rapid revision.
It is essential to acknowledge that olericulture stands at the intersection of culture, production and economy. Thus, we shed light on the policy frameworks and international collaborations that shape horticultural practices globally.
This book will benefit with new technologies in olericulture who are searching for answers to technical questions and graduate students who are acquainting themselves with the advances of vegetable production. Further, it will be useful to researchers and progressive farmers, scientists, breeders as well as to those who are working in relevant fields.
We record our gratitude to all the contributors whose dedication and expertise have enriched to all the contributors whose dedications and expertise these pages. Their valuable insights illuminate the multifaceted nature of horticulture and its centrally in shaping the course of humanity.
We look forward to comments or suggestions from users on the content and presentation of the book so as to improve its utility.


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