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C language is the origin of all computer programming languages. It is a procedure-oriented programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie. C language is the art of expressing solutions to problems so that a computer can execute those solutions. More efforts are needed to finding and refining solutions. This book is for both beginners and professional learners. It helps you to understand the principle concept in theoretical and practical view. We aim to gain sufficient knowledge and skills in programming tasks. Each chapter introduces new useful concepts and illustrates them with simple examples.

This book comprehensively covers all major aspects of the C language. It provides simple language to explain the preliminaries of the C language. It provides logical methods for any complex programming concepts and step-by-step execution of programs. Each chapter in this book is arranged with necessary illustrations, syntax, examples, and associated output. All chapters are arranged in proper sequence which depends upon earlier studies. We focus on how to make a better understanding of basic concepts and improve the logic of a program.

A large number of illustrations and programs are provided to enforce learning. The concepts are explained pictorially to facilitate easy grasping and better understanding. Each chapter includes a set of review questions and programming exercise which can be used by the readers to test their understanding of the concepts. Also, numerous multiple-choice questions at the end of the book are added, which gives a deep understanding of the programming concepts.

The book covers the entire scope of a subject as well as the philosophy of the programming language. It makes understanding the subject more clearly and makes it more interesting.

I hope everyone who desires to be a part of the programming community will find this book interesting and useful.

Any suggestions for the improvement of this book will be acknowledged and appreciated.


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