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C is a practical prevalent programming language and it remains one of the most popular Languages in existence. It is a robust and dynamic language with a highly expressive syntax. Yet it is simple and easy to learn. “This book is written with the objective to introduce the C programming with practical approach to beginners learners. The pervasive goal of this is to provide exposure to students to programming

What sets this book apart from most C programming books is its simple and informal language of delivery with strong emphasis on software design. This C Programming book covers all basic practicals which covers all topics of C Programming.

This book provides C Programming concepts with the help of examples. Further, it guides you to create a various programs. It contains numerous programming examples for every concept in the chapter. All the examples in this book are compiled using the Turbo C+ compiler.

C Programming book logically structures the entire contents like Data types, Arrays, Functions, Structures, Pointers, Input/Output operations, Decision making, Loops, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Preprocessor directives

This book is intended to assist professionals involved in programming in C language as the content of the book lays emphasis on imparting practical learning than just theoretical knowledge. At the end of this book, multiple hands-on labs are given chapter-wise to test the student’s debugging and practical skills.

This book lays emphasis on critical thinking skill assessment and practice.

This book would be a great source of information for students and teachers who would like to learn C through practical approach.

We wish the learners success and growth.


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