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Meet The Author

The book entitled “PROGRAMMING IN C” is written in accordance with the B.E., B.Tech and B.Sc and BCA Students.

UNIT – I: Introduction of C programming and basics

UNIT – II: The C programming user defined data types

UNIT – III: The C programming pointers and dynamic memory allocation

UNIT – IV: The C programming files handling text and binary files

UNIT – V: The C programming advanced features

The Unique features of this edition,

  • At the end of book all units 2 Marks Questions & Answers.
  • At the end of book all units 1 Marks Questions & Answers.
  • Review Questions are added at the end of each unit.

Besides these I present this book in a self learning style that will be best appreciated even by the average students. This book is intended primarily for use as a text in graduate level courses in system software. It also suitable for use as a reference book. This book contains study materials that can usually be covered in a one semester.

I hope that this book will be useful to both teachers and students. Finally I would request the readers to kindly send their valuable comments and suggestions towards the improvement of the book and the same will be gratefully acknowledged.


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