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Meet The Author

This book is designed to meet the requirements of students having very little knowledge of computers, and journeys them from the basic fundaments of computers through application of problem-solving techniques using C programming concepts.

The book starts with fundamentals of the components of computers and introduction to programming in general followed by a detailed introduction to C programming. It then delves into a complete analysis of various constructs of C such as decision control and looping statements, functions, arrays, strings, pointers, structure and union, file management, and pre-processor directives.

A highly detailed pedagogical approach is followed throughout the book, which includes plenty of examples, figures, programming tips, keywords, and end-chapter exercises. These features should render the book an ideal resource for students to master and fine-tune the art of writing C programs.

Humbly stating, the book is informative, educative and illuminative one.

We have covered the entire scope of the subject and it will be very useful not only for students but also to the subject teachers.

We wish to express our profound thanks to all those who helped in making this book a reality.

We do hope that the contents and concepts of book will be highly useful and helpful to the readers. Suggestions and comments for further improvement of this book will be acknowledged and well appreciated.


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