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Meet The Author

This book, in the form of manual, is an outcome of my thirty-three years of experimentations at various levels, from UG to PG. I dedicate this book to my weak students during my teaching journey, their questions & queries forced me to include more acceptable, susceptible pedagogy for teaching.

Passion for teaching through experimentation, always&every time motivates me, to teach a particular experiment in a more innovative way. After so many years of teaching to all possible levels from UG to PG, finally, I have enough knowledge of my own to share and I strongly feel, will definitely help many mentors & students in the coming days.

The content of the book gradually grew from basics to experiments to finally most probable questionnaire. I’ve gained a new perspective in understanding and implementing the experimentation and I feel strongly to share my ideas through this book.I always feel necessary to explain the theoretical back ground of the experiment and whenever possible through appropriate demonstration.Any person interested in experimentation with the concept behind the experiment, will surely appreciate learning through this manual.

Every aspect of a novice learner is taken care in writing the manual. The true inspiration to write this book is my intention to teach every experiment very precisely & nicely to the best of my capability. This book is for everyone who is keen to learn experiments in a very systematic way.

However, I don’t claim that the content in the manual would be totally errorless, will be happy to share if any suggestions or corrections from any corner.

I fully enjoyed the whole journey of learning and consequently translating the whole concept in the form of book, I am sure, learning will be more fruitful and delightful to each & everyone.


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