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Those of us who work with or study online advertising are often asked by other marketers, “What makes online advertising special?” After all, it seems reasonable to expect that advertising online should be like advertising in any other medium. For decades, marketers and advertisers have amassed an array of strategies, tactics and principles that, it is claimed, can be applied to any particular advertising campaign. In today’s technological world, the challenge is to apply that knowledge to the discipline of online advertising, the assumption being that there is no need to claim any special status for a specific marketing effort such as sports, electronics or clothing. During the past decade, Graduate and undergraduate courses in online advertising have also appeared in university curriculum, and giant institutes such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and have been established to support leads. Plus, the American Academy of Advertising has a special-interest group on online advertising. With the weight of all this activity, I believe online advertising is not a subset of traditional advertising; it is its own perfect discipline of study. There is a special place where customers gather each day, seeking services and products: the Internet. They want cars. They want plumbers, they want music downloads they want vacation rentals, lawn care products, tax advice and more. You name the product or service, someone is looking for it online. Advertising, just like medicine and engineering, is a universal discipline of study, providing insight into understanding the business process anywhere in the world. Ideally, due to its universal nature, that is how advertising should be taught. Futuristic business schools are trying to incorporate an online advertising discipline into their curriculums in order to position themselves better in both the scholar’s and business person’s minds. The conventional approach has been to offer just a few online advertising and marketing courses; this may result from a lack of appropriate sources. Keeping this in mind, this thesis is designed to fill the gap between offline and online advertising.

‘Online Advertising and Promotion: Modern Technologies of Marketing’ educate executives and students on how to meet online advertising and internet marketing challenges – both now and in the future. This thesis provides solid foundations that are useful for explanation, prediction and control of electronic business activities. Due to its depth and breadth, the text is suitable for any advertising, marketing, IT or business management courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels. I believe that you will find this thesis to be one of the most, if not the most, convincing source for online advertising, offering a futurist perspective, a comprehensive base of strategies and clear substance.



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