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Nurturing the Journey of Adolescence: A Guide to Adolescent Counselling

978-93-5747-208-1 HARD COVER FIRST EDITION

Meet The Author

“Nurturing the Journey of Adolescence a Guide to Adolescent Counselling” by Dr. Sumana Bolar is a commendable addition to the studies on the problems of adolescent and various aspects of counselling. She has emphasized the impact of psychological, social, and emotional factors on their lives and the intricacies of adolescent development. Dr. Bolar has explained effective strategies and techniques that can be accessed by the counsellors for providing meaningful support.

The discussions on counselling had been more theoretical including meaning, types, characteristics and theories in general. This book has delve deeper into the counselling by focusing on a particular age group i.e. adolescence. The adolescents are the future of a nation. Therefore it is necessary that they are nurtured in the right direction by providing effective counselling. This volume deals with the practical necessities of counselors in the global digital era. The problems of adolescents have transformed due to the advent of technology and social media.

Dr. Bolar has focused on the need of the right attitude when dealing with the adolescents by the counsellors. In India, there has been a dearth of school counsellors and the book has emphasized on the importance of school counsellors for the better health of the adolescents. The book also focus on parents, educators, and other individuals involved in the lives of adolescents to better understand and connect with the adolescents in their care.

She has addressed the issues of deviance among adolescents and the reasons behind the deviance. This book has offered a holistic view to tackle the problem of adolescence deviance. This book will prove as a tool for all those categories of people who are a part of the adolescents’ lives.

This book is an addition to various disciplines of social sciences and is useful for the professional bodies and organizations working with the adolescents. It is a welcome addition in the field of adolescent counseling which I am sure would be widely read. For this the author deserves our compliments.


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