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Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG 8) – Economic Growth and Decent Work Creations for all – is a crucial component of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. SDG 8 aims to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

The importance of SDG 8 cannot be overstated. It is essential for achieving sustainable development and eradicating poverty. However, achieving SDG 8 requires a multidisciplinary approach that involves not only economists, but also experts from other fields such as education, social sciences, health care, engineering, environmental science and all service sectors as well.

Present book is a significant outcome of the papers presented and contributed in the 3 Days Multidisciplinary International Conference on the theme ‘Achieving SDG 8 Through Education 4.0: Across the Globe and Beyond The Disciplines’ held from 24th-26th November 2022.

This book entitled ‘Multidisciplinary Approach to SDG 8’ is a comprehensive guide to the multidisciplinary approach to achieving SDG 8. It brings together experts from various fields to provide insights on the challenges and opportunities of achieving SDG 8, and to propose solutions for creating economic growth and decent work for all.

Present book covers the chapters including all the areas broadly from SDG 8 and its importance in achieving sustainable development to specific sectors like education, healthcare and economics. The book also covers the economic downfall during and after COVID-19 pandemic and ways and means of creating economically productive environment through Education 4.0.  The chapters in the book specifically throw a deep insight into the NEP 2020 and its implementation in Indian Education System encompassing the curriculum construction including the LGBTQ community and role of MOOCs in knowledge dissemination.

This book is intended for policymakers, academics, practitioners, and students who are interested in achieving SDG 8 and promoting sustainable development. It offers a valuable resource for those who want to understand the multidisciplinary approach to achieving SDG 8 and for those who want to contribute to the global effort to create a more sustainable future for all.

It is our privilege to express profound sense of gratitude and indebtedness to all the esteemed Paper Contributors who contributed their valuable piece of knowledge in the form of chapters for the successful compilations of present edited book.

We are also very thankful to ICSSR for all the support provided. We are very thankful to IIP for considering present book worth to read and publish.


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