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Education can be thought of as the transmission of the values and accumulated knowledge of a society. Education is generally considered to be the backbone of national ideals. But in today’s world students are facing various types of problems in schools and colleges. Guidance and counselling have come to play a significant role in the field of education. Guidance, in simple terms means, to direct or provide assistance to someone who needs help. Counselling refers to professional services provided to an individual who is facing a problem and needs help to overcome the problem. Counselling is considered to be an integral and central part of guidance. The students of today need some guidance for personal, vocational, emotional and adjustment problems. Sometimes they require counselling also, so that young ones may make their life smooth and successful. Guidance and counselling is oriented to helping students understand themselves, become self-sufficient in making realistic and positive selections and grow in human relationships and concerns. Guidance, hence, should prepare students for adult life as well as help them acquire appropriate attitudes and values that facilitate them to become productive and dynamic members of their communities. Primarily, the guidance programme should help young people and children to develop a positive self-image and a sense of identity, create a set of beliefs and a value system that will guide their behaviour and actions. The author expresses her deep indebtedness to the writers whose work have been consulted and quoted in this book. Your suggestions for modification and improvement of this book will be highly appreciated.


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