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The social and economic growth of a country can be fully realized only by inclusive growth irrespective of the gender, social strata, creed, cast, religion etc. The word ‘Empowerment’ is most often word used in place of economic independence. Whereas in this book, efforts are made to find the meaning of empowerment and develop a systematic of empowerment and a conceptual framework of empowerment. A survey of industry professionals as well as literature suggest that the understanding of this concept is partial. Keeping the views expressed in literature and these practicing professionals, the empowerment is defined as, “the process of sharing power and providing enabling environment in order to encourage employees to take initiative and decisions to achieve organisational and individual goals”.

A conceptual framework was developed with empowering variables and consequences. A measuring instrument was developed to measure empowerment and consequences. The measurement was developed to quantify the qualitative aspects of behavioral parameters of empowerment and consequences to understand the changes and thus transformation. The large sample across the industries show that older employee feel more empowered, higher academically qualified respondents felt that, they were poorly empowered, the greater the experience the higher the feeling of empowerment, middle level managers felt least empowered and males scored higher on empowerment and consequences than females.

Training was used as one of the intervention techniques to improve empowerment. A significant impact on score of empowerment even after interval of 6 month was observed. The work demand of group also increases the self-empowerment. An in-depth analysis of four organisations that have practiced certain specific interventions shows that interventions can bring about change in empowerment. The study highlights the consequential strategy for improving empowerment.

The book is an investment for the tool to be used for self-transformation for better performance, achievements and success in life.

Wishing all the readers for enhancing their empowerment (be empowered) and helping others to empower (be empowering).



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