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Meet The Author

We realize that this book will create a great deal of knowledge then we decided to go publishing our contributions to various fields of the social work profession. The edited book entitled ‘Emerging Trends in Social Work Practice: An Indian Perspective’ is a humble effort of eight research scholars from the Social Work fraternity. Having spent more than 10 years in the field of Social Work as a researcher, educator and practitioner brought out this edited book with their contributions to the Social Work profession, we feel obliged to share our knowledge, analyses, and conclusions. Hopefully, this account will raise the level of awareness among the general public and initiate the discussion that, in turn, may entail major changes, as well as it will be a contribution to growing Social Work practice. This edited book can be read on two different levels. First, it may be read by ordinary people with a limited, if any, scientific background. The second group of readers will be represented by professionals from the various fields of social work, academia, research, students and government agencies, The book comprises eight articles, 1st article discusses about Dynamics of Livelihood Vulnerability Among Dalit Rural Poor: Social Work Practice this work was contributed by Dr. Rajashekar C and Prof Ramesh B, 2nd article envisages Rights of Migrant Workers Employed in Construction Industry: Implication to Social Work Praxis written by Dr. Gundappa D, 3rd article enlighten us on Vulnerability and Social Identity of Women in Construction Industry: A Social Work Perspective written by Dr. Murali, 4th article on Social Work Approaches in Effective Implementation of Women and Child Development Programmes: With Special Reference to Integrated Child Development Services Scheme (ICDS) contributed by Dr. Thippesh K, 5th article talks about Social Work Implications in Empowering Women Through Self Help Group written by Dr. Dileep Kumar, 6th article discusses about Managing Employees Retention: A Social Work Response inked by Dr. Ajay Kumar, 7th article delineates Expenditure Practices on Festivities and Social Ceremonies on Financial Vulnerability of Rural Poor: Social Work Implications written by Dr. Sachin B S and Prof Ramesh B and last 8th article talks about Social Work Responses to Labour Welfare Practices in Plantation Industry contributed by Dr. Saravana K and Dr. Lokesh M U.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge all the contributors for their valuable contributions to their thrust areas of PhD works. The edited book compiles empirical studies conducted by eight researchers during their doctoral studies in various fields of Social Work. This book consists of eight different areas such as livelihood vulnerability of dalit, rights of migrant workers employed in construction industry, women in construction field, women and child development programmes in Karnataka, empowering women through self-help groups, employees retention, festivities and social ceremonies on financial vulnerability of rural poor and labour welfare practices in plantation industry, Social Work responses and modalities drawn based on the inference of various studies are discussed in this book.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge our Mentor Prof. Ramesh B; Registrar (Evaluation), Bengaluru City University for constant support and guidance in our academic endeavours and also thank Prof. Ramesh B for inking foreword for this book.

We acknowledge the support of all well-wishers in this juncture

At last but not least we acknowledge the IIP Publishing house for accepting our contribution to publishing in a form of an edited book.


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