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Demographic Aspects Matters…. The book focuses on contemporary social, biological, and environmental issues. In the present edition of the book, attempt has been taken to examine all issues and measures relating to the demographic aspects. The basic aim of this book is to give theoretical explanation regarding various demographic changes and analyze the changes in population in India and the world.

Demography is the scientific study of human populations—their size, their composition, and how they change through births, deaths, and the movement by people from one place to another. Demography being the study of population growth, mobility, fertility, and mortality. The theoretical discussion of the determining factors of population growth which affect the birth rate, death and population growth are discussed along with the sources of demographic data. The critical analysis of the population theories is also taken subsequently. To study the trend of population growth which describes the past evolution present distribution and future changes in the population of an area. Efforts have been made to analyze the relation between population growth and economic development and the way in which it affects the social, economic, cultural and political life of the people. Migration and its types, causes, urbanization its trends and its entire concept has been explained. Almost all aspects related to demography with adequate graphical analysis are included in it. Information has been collected from different reliable books and other sources, various census reports and the work of renowned demographers.


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