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Gladiolus the flower of glamour and perfection has a potential to change economic scenario of our poor and marginal farmers. Since it is an important floral crop for cut flower trade in India as well as other parts of the globe. Its colourful spikes are in much demand   from both aesthetic as well as economics point of view.  Gladiolus is a flower of breathtaking beauty with a wide range of colours, size and form. Its magnificant spikes has won for it, a place of pride in gardens and value has a cut flower. Since this cut flower has potential to earn colourful economy for the nation, therefore it is must duty for the Nation to boost the cultivation of Gladiolus in country by taking some policy initiative in this direction. i am indebted to Dr. M.S. Patil for sharing ” Breeding in Gladiolus Chapter And to prof(Dr.) Ram Ji Lal and Dr. Vibha Vishvkarma for sharing the chapter ” Diseases and Pests of Gladiolus spp. and management”

I express my appreciation and gratitude to all ADEWA Family- Jammu, my students and colleagues who have inspired and guided throughout my scientific carrier of Thirty years. i am thankful to eminent hort. scientist of Repute prof. V.L. Shella for writing a foreword to this book and i thank her for her constant inspiration to pen this book. I am also thankful to Institute of Scholars ( for publishing this book.


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