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Any organization has to attend and focus to their customers and stakeholders. My study in consumer satisfaction in relation to fast moving consumer goods have shown that the long-term relation and success of a FMCG companies is thoroughly related to its ability to create and maintain loyal and satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction play a crucial role in organizations to maintain and sustain the customer. In order to monitor customer satisfaction, and to take action for improving it, a number of different methods have been developed and tested. My research focus on customer needs, changing preferences and customer satisfaction relating features or potentials related to customer satisfaction serving to identify this phenomenon among customer relationship management.

Customer satisfaction is assessment of a highly variable personal thoughts and preferences that greatly influenced by individual expectations based on their information and circumstances. Customer satisfaction involves the sum of personal opinion and experiences determined by its antecedents. It is most often related to buying behavior with a result of organizations marketing efforts.

Customer satisfaction can be talked as a strategic business development tool which leads to repeat purchase, brand loyalty, and positive mouth publicity. Measuring customer satisfaction must be a continuously, consistent, timely, accurate and reliable process. The customer satisfaction research approach is powerful tactical business development tool and it should be done with highest attention.

My research literature has carried a wide-range source of customer satisfaction knowledge. I have chosen for a qualitative empirical research study with the consideration of incorporates a study of academic papers, thesis and dissertations in customer satisfaction. This study is majorly based on consumer buying behavior and customer satisfaction in relation FMCG in the boundary region of two States.

The book has been divided into three parts. Part one covers the introduction to the research study in Chapter 1. Part two contains four chapters. Chapter 2 covers review of previous research work where various articles, thesis and dissertations are reviewed. Chapter 3 covers theoretical background of marketing and customer satisfaction. Chapter 4 covers the overlook on FMCG and Chapter 5 deals with the profile of the study area. Part three contains the two chapters. Chapter 6 deals with the analysis and interpretation of the research data. Chapter 7 covers the findings suggestion and conclusion of research work.

I hope the book will meet the expectations and requirements of students, academicians, research scholars, professionals and a common person who has to interests in the study of marketing, buying behavior and customer satisfaction. It also helpful to the FMCG companies to understand the customer and according to that develop their strategies.



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