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Human Rights are the rights of all Human Beings. They have universal application. Awareness about Human Rights and concern for its protection has become an important issue after the Second World War and paved way for world Nations to come together for acceptance of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The role of UN in protecting and promoting awareness of Human Rights is highly significant. The binding nature of the International Conventions and Covenants are still a dilemma. The persuasive force in case of violation of human rights by International community is an area of concern. In the absence of National legislations enforcement of these rights remain as one farce.

To trace the development of regional instruments drafted aiming at protection of Human Rights and its enforceability.

The Indian perspective of protection of Human Rights vide its Legislations, the Constitution of India more read by its language, the Fundamental rights, Duties and Directive Principles of the State Policy has been elicited. There sponse shown by Indian judiciary and the expression of judicial activism is highlighted. The development of Human Rights jurisprudence in India is traced.

The Special legislations and the enforcement machineries remain as a watch dog in the due enforcement of Human Rights in India. The duty to protect human right of all individuals more particularly those are vulnerable remains more as a National obligation. The course intents to evaluate the Redressed mechanisms practiced in India.


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