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Meet The Author

This book has been written for B.Sc. Physics and Electronics students at various Indian Universities. The book covers the Alagappa University, Karaikudi’s recommended course curriculum. We were inspired to write the book by the students’ enthusiasm for the topic of “Analog Electronics.”

With a modern perspective, proper attention has been taken in dealing with the issue. At the end of each unit, a huge number of questions and problems have been provided. Students should make an effort to address them effectively in order to have a better comprehension of the subject.

It is clear and easy to read the text. Both regular students and top students should like this book. The students’ exam performance would improve, while at the same time, their intellectual interest would increase.

This book is divided into five sections. The first unit discusses semiconductor diodes and regulated power supply. The transistor and its biasing are discussed in detail in the next unit, which includes detailed experiments. The third section discusses several types of amplifiers. Oscillators are discussed in detail in the fourth unit. The amplifier and its features are discussed in the final unit.

We would warmly accept and highly value any useful comments you have on how to make the book better.


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