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Meet The Author

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
-Benjamin Franklin

Being a Management teacher and having around 18 years of teaching experience in the management discipline, I understood that when things are complicated, the students are reluctant to learn. How to put anyone in a learning mode is a big challenge not only in front of teachers but for everyone who wishes to bring positive change to society. The book writers can’t be excluded from this category. Hence I consider my primary responsibility to capture their attention and arouse their interest in the subject so that they get engaged in learning.

If you asked me who your target audience is, I will say everyone who wishes to learn the basics of marketing in a very simple and easy way. Personally, I believe that igniting the curiosity of a learner is crucial to start learning. While writing this book, I used a simple technique of conversation among the characters named Shyam, Ram, and Dr. Surya. Shyam and Ram are the Marketing Partners who failed in their marketing business. Completely dejected & frustrated. Desperately worried about their business career and life. On their search journey to find out the solution to their marketing problems, they come across Dr. Surya, the Coach, and Consultant. In his 7-day coaching session, Dr. Surya successfully brings clarity to marketing issues faced by Shaym and Ram. He shared with them the Secret Marketing Formula of applying the marketing into practice.



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