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Nowadays we are living in Post-Covidien Period when most of the work is done online. So in such a critical scenario, the use of online websites has been increased exponentially by various business organizations.

This book will help out students especially in web development-related papers along with web developers to design their websites. They can upgrade their skills and technical knowledge through this book and can design the websites according to any of the business need.

The objective behind writing this book is to promote the website development interests in students by giving suitable examples in this. The book is self-contained. The chapters in this book are arranged in sequence order. The programming codes given in this book are just to understand the website development phase by phase.

We have tried to make the book content user-friendly and will encourage the students to read the book and understand the concept in an easy way.

We hope this book will be able to meet the long-standing requirement of a concise textbook of this kind, written from an Indian perspective. We regret any inadvertent, error or omission. We welcome feedback and suggestions from teachers and students for improving the coverage, content, and styling of this book.



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