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The world of 21st century is basically depends on information and knowledge. Now we are very much eager to acquire more & more information. Old tools & technologies are gradually being replaced with advanced techniques, methods & systems. In this new era of communication we are facing the challenge in terms of speed of communication & effectively this will lead to lack of information & awareness. Therefore it is necessary to develop high speed secure channel to provide reliable data over a secure medium to its user. Current communication system has its own limitation, like introduction of noise, drop of information during transporting the information. Most of the system is basically based on the traditional electronic circuits. Many inherent limitations of electronics hinder to access data with high speed capability from traditional electronic circuits. The problem is too acute when information capacity in different databases broadens. Now we realize that optics may take an important & sizable role in high speed communication system. Not only the high speed communication but other feature like Wave length division multiplication (WDM), HOSP, channel based & channel free operation, neural networking, Fuzzy logic operation broadened the today’s world of technology.

Today optical fiber is already established its strong potentiality as information carrying medium and replaced cable based communication system. Optical Soliton can be used as information carrier (i.e. input signal) and in some special condition Soliton may be used as optical switch. Pure Optical Soliton based circuits can perform far more than GHz operational speed. Sometimes it may be THz range. For these reason I was highly passionate to start work on the field of Optical Soliton based communication system. It is already known  that Optical Soliton is the information carrier  of communication system & optical fiber is the communication medium, also scientist acknowledged  its great potential as it does not change its shape & velocity  during the propagation through medium even after propagating through the medium for thousands of kilometers,. This opens windows of opportunities in the 21st Century communication world.

In this book I have explained possibilities of utilizing optical soliton in the world of communication. I have explained several opportunities to implement HSOP (Hyper Secant Optical Solitons) based different digital logic operation effect of higher order non linearity in Soliton propagation, consideration of non linearity in material dispersion, effect on Gausian pulse propagation through a single mode optical fiber due to its inherent causes other than dispersion effects, exploitation of optical pulse inert action in switching operation for optical information processing system, developing a new scheme of electro optic phase modulation to generate optical soliton in the field of Optical fiber.

I hope my attempts will be beneficial to Students, Research Scholars, Educationalist & Implementers with an interest in this fascinating & rapidly developing field of non linear Optics.



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