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The world has changed a lot, so has my country and its people. Of course, change is a law of nature. One cannot avoid it. But one can judge whether that change has helped mankind to progress or not. Now, progress does not mean only material progress. It has a most vital spiritual aspect, too.
In this modern world, the latter aspect has been least bothered about. Spirituality has, unfortunately, no say in today’s so called progressive world. But why is spirituality needed when
we have made a tremendous progress in material world?
Man’s nature is so avaricious that he is still not happy in spite of substantial improvement in his lifestyle over the past. He wants more and more. Spirituality helps to control our
mind and channels it to become a source of feelings that are not always demanding or crossing the limits. Religion is meant for professing purity, love, amity and unity among
mankind. It opposes vices, and promotes virtues. Spirituality is religion in perfect mode. It is above rites and rituals. Religions are many but spirituality is one. One can enjoy
material development more aptly with spiritual mind than without it. It’s my endeavour to emphasise this aspect. Though these outpourings of mine deal with various subjects, you will definitely find a undercurrent of spirituality running through them. The inclusion of number of articles on Gandhiji is due to the same reason. The Gandhian thought is too spiritual, too progressive and too relevant to be ignored. Its main pillars are truth and nonviolence without which there can neither be peace nor the existence of mankind on the earth.
Man to differentiate himself from animal or machine needs to rise above lust, greed, hatred. He needs to efface his ego; he needs to be circumspect about the concept of religion, his own and other’s; he needs to inculcate in him more and more virtues; he needs to weed out more and more vices embedded in the mind. The efforts thus made will make him a true human being and enable him to live in peace and accord with other human beings and the nature.
Never believe the person who listens no music – thus said a Greek philosopher. I feel the same holds true about one who has no interest in poetry. Incidently, the religious books of many important religions, including Hinduism, are written in verse. Thus the poetry has become a part of life of many. But, poem does not have only religious content. It covers other aspects of life also. Different thinkers, writers, philosophers think on poetry differently. But one thing common to all is that a poem is a best vehicle to express the musing of your heart. Of course, everyone cannot become a poet but everyone can enjoy poetry subject to the condition that he is a true
human being. Being human is the basic condition to relish poetry. Hence, I was intent to include topics on poetry in this book.
I belong to Hinduism, yet I do not hate or despise other religions. But I also expect such thinking from the followers of other religions and also from the estranged fellows of Hinduism. I am of the firm opinion that fault, if any, lies not in the religion but in its followers. To blame any religion,
according to me, is therefore incorrect. I love Hinduism not because I am born in it, but because it has helped me in freeing myself from shackles of narrow thinking and leading me to enjoy my life embracing all with no malice, no vested interests and with least fear from others. I expect the same in respect of followers of other religions.
My intention is not to hurt feelings of anybody. I have expressed my thoughts as I am a human being who intends to live in peaceful, moral and loving atmosphere. And I think every human being should lead life in that way without disturbing or bullying others. I have no ulterior motive. We are human beings and need to remain so, hence this book.


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