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Meet The Author

This book is the recommended book for the course structure of B.Com (H)And B.Com students, CBCS course introduced by University of Delhi the paper called ‘Entrepreneurship Development.CBCS course introduced by University of Delhi The basic aim of the paper is to orient the learner towards entrepreneurship, as a career option, and creative thinking and behaviour or effectiveness at work and in life. This paper also focuses on the need of students to educate themselves on the most pertinent issue of the rapidly evolving world of entrepreneurs and the Governmental initiatives towards boosting entrepreneurship and Startup culture amongst youth, for combating the mammoth problem of unemployment in India,This book has been written in a simple language which is easy to comprehend and learn, for all students. After having studied the subject, the students will be well versed with the business world and would learn the methodology and modalities of setting up small business. The Indian economy needs today, entrepreneurs, so that the stated problems of unemployment and under-employment can be overcome.

The chapter scheme has been kept strictly as per the prescribed syllabus. Tips of teachers/students:

  1. Students are advised to carry out a personal SWOT analysis jor themselves to find out their interest in entrepreneurship & also identify their Strengths & Weaknesses.
  2. Enhance inter personal and behavioral skills.
  3. Report/project writing skills.
  4. Day dream a business venture & make a Business Plan.
  5. Read newspapers everyday and keep abreast of happenings in the business world.
  6. Teachers must include projects and practical exercises to help students to understand the concept better.
  7. Both students and teachers must include current examples from the

This is my first book and I worked very hard to gather information related to this book but if anything skipped or omitted or overlooked, I welcome all readers of the book to give their suggestions and reviews and feedback for the next edition of this book.

I would like to thank my family and friends, specially my wife HINA for giving full support, my mother for good wishes and prayers,

I would like to thank my Father Late Mr. ABDUL MAJID for giving me an immense completeness of knowledge and wisdom and direction towards life. I always indebted to my father and remembered a light of true wisdom.

I would like to thank my mentors, Professors and Colleagues to guide, support and inspire me to write this book.

I truly acknowledge my Professors specially  Professor K.V. BhanuMurthy ji to guide and support me in starting phase of my teaching career , my Ex- Principal Dr. S.A Hamideen for giving endless freedom and showed full trust and confidence in me.

And last I would like to thank Professor Ritesh Kumar Singh for inspiring me about soft skills knowledge and I learnt a lot for him about real meaning of education .Prof. R.K. Singh is truly a gem of Department of Commerce, University of Delhi, Really I mean it he is a legend and truly a qualified educator and motivator for all the knowledge seekers.

I am still a knowledge seeker and tying to gather the knowledge from all sources.

I assure you that this book is really helpful for all my students who want to gather the knowledge in Entrepreneurship.


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